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Login Walkthrough for Candidates Registering for the ECF 2014


The registration is a four-step process, start by pressing “Submit Your Resume Now” on


1. Fill out the form with your e-mail address and basic information.

The confirmation email, all interview scheduling and other information will be directed to this address, make sure to use an email which you can access regularly and from everywhere. Write down in a secure place your password.

As written on the page, make sure that your PDF is less than 500 kB and no longer than 2 pages and in Letter format. Any document submitted with characteristics different from the above will be rejected.

basic information

2. We send you an e-mail to confirm that we have the correct e-mail address.

email conf

As stated in the box we suggest you not to close the browser while waiting for your email confirmation, it will take certainly few minutes befre you receive it.

3. You check your email and follow the link to complete the registration:


When you follow the link, the page should look like this:


If it does appear like this, then fill it out.

Some fields might not include all details you might want to give (particular language, particular education background).
Please fill it with the field closest to your information; this will not affect your visibility.

If something went wrong during the process, you might get the “red box” error:


Then let me briefly explain again how it works the registration process:
Filling out the first form you send the basic data, then you get the email back with the activation link, then you should access the registration page and upload your resume and only after that your account is created.
This means that we do not store anything in our database until all steps have been successfully completed. Before that, everything is stored in cookies.
In order to restart the registration process we suggest you to

  • clear your browser's cache - sometimes browsers do not actually load pages from server but rather use a previously stored page
  • clear your cookies (to make sure that no conflict will be possible)
  • make sure you allow cookies
  • start your registration from the beginning
  • follow the link in the new email you would have received
  • fill in all your data and upload the resume (only PDF files are accepted, must be less than 500kB in size, less than 2 pages and in letter page format) - you do NOT need a password at this time
  • as written before we strongly suggest to NOT to close the browser while waiting for confirmation email.

If this still doesn't work, we can only suggest you try a different computer, maybe a different network or a different browser. Some network restrictions, perhaps at your job computer, might make this registration process complex.

4. Once you go through the first 3 steps successfully, in the bottom of the Step 2 page, there is you press the 'Browse..' bottom to upload your resume and then you press the yellow submit button:
you need to make sure you use the same brower (eg. Safari, Firefox or Explorer) as you did when you filled out Step 1.


and get to a page saying 'Resume submission successful! Thank you.'

Thank you

While doing Step 1 and 2, information about your registration is only stored in your browser. It is only after Step 3 is completed that we store the information on our server. This means that you can't log in until Step 3 is complete. 

It is only when completing Step 3, that you can attach the resume.

Once you have attached your resume and pressed submit, you should have seen the page saying Submission successful.

If you do not reach this page you have NOT created an account.